What is Mafia Streets?

It's a texted based game, where you can be a lone wolf that trains to become the strongest player on the game and enter the Hall of Fame! Or join a gang and become the strongest faction on Mafia Street. Do crimes to level up and earn in game money to become rich! Buy houses to show off your money. Buy weapons ready to fight your opponents! Interact in forums for a more fun experience & enter giveaways. Do your missions for extra exp to get higher levels that your friends. There's lots more to do! It's FREE to play so sign up now!

Latest news!

Posted on June 15 2016, 11:52:01 am The most recent 0 day long Stats Competition has just ended. Congratulations to all those below who won each league and received a Points Pack 1:
Attack League 1 : Roan
Attack League 2 : None Entered

Min ....
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Posted on May 16 2016, 11:52:43 am New stats competition is up and running, 30 days to train the hardest for a point pack 1! Good luck all! MS Staff ....
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Posted on May 16 2016, 11:29:38 am A little update today, we have added the message us button to main menu, this will allow you to message us in real tie, if you need some help, if we are not on at the time. MS Staff ....
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